Welcome to EAGLE MEDICINE WOMEN Leadership Training Workshops & Retreats. We offer home study, quarterly weekend workshops, and annual retreats to help women of all ages step into their community leadership roles.

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In a rapidly changing world, personal and professional leadership development can make the difference in your quality of life and personal reputation. Our workshops, retreats, and home study courses will help you up your game on the local and global stages. Be the leader you were born to be.

We have dedicated trainers with decades of experience to help you with your leadership goals. With leading edge techniques and ancient wisdom, we prepare you for today's global village, in your area of expertise. We also help you identify your special gifts. But for now, what is your area of expertise, or in which area do you want to be recognized as an expert? *

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Great leaders have several things in common: openness to new ideas, bringing out the best in others, innovating new possibilities, and more. Cross-cultural studies help innovate.

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