Mermaid Tribe
Evening Swim
Picnic Potluck
Meditation Circle
Acoustic Music Set
Singles' Event 
Ocean City, MD

Friday, August 25th

630 Evening Swim
730 Picnic Potluck
830 Meditation
930 Acoustic Set

SPIRITUAL SINGLES' Event of the Season ~
Want some refreshing location to meet other Mid-Atlantic Singles. North Ocean City, MD, USA 21842, offers a wonderful spot to enjoy a quiet swim & picnic on the beach. Enjoy an evening of nourishing your heart & soul with some beautiful raw cuisine, meditation, 84'F pool, a circle of like-minded people, beachfront relaxation and a nurturing vibe. Deepen your light-filled presence and self-mastery as you align with the Divine. To get started, we just need a few pieces of information.
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