Romantic Quiz #1 FLIRTING:
Hello Romantic Lover!

This QUIZ will help you begin to identify your romantic preferences for a more fulfilling love life. There are 3 Quizzes in all: Romantic Flirting, Fetishes, & Fantasies. As you progress from one QUIZ to another, you'll go deeper into your heart, mind & soul.

Keep this QUIZ for yourself or send it to us for an in-depth report on your psychological profile, when you enroll in any of Teresa's Relationship Coach programs. Learn who is right for you & what lifestyle changes you need to fulfill your Love Life!

You have a universe inside of you; get some of the details to navigate it. Equipped with this personal profile, you will find delightful inspiration for your passionate adventures.

Submit this quiz via email and we will contact you for further arrangements.

Let the Romance Begin!
Exploring different types of Romantic Paradigms helps you better identify your core values & needs for long-term compatibility.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being you don't know yourself at all and 10 means you doubt anyone could teach you anything new, please rate your self-awareness. *

What's your favorite kind of music when you are with your sweetheart? *

What's your favorite kind of environment?
Beach/Mountain/Formal Interior/Casual Interior/Other *

What is your favorite kind of food? Gourmet, home-cooked, outdoor grill, what's your preference most of the time? *

Latin American
Meat & Potatoes
Vegan or Vegetarian
What kind of FLIRT are you most often?

What is your favorite Love Language to GIVE TO your lover?

What is your favorite Love Language to RECEIVE from your lover? *

Wearing certain clothes and/or having my lover wear certain clothing really excites me. *

What kind of fantasy are you most wanting to live out?

1 chivalrous knight
2 shiva and shakti
3 horse lovers
4 doctor/nurse
5 teacher/student
6 boss/secretary
7 military personnel
8 international spy
9 puppy play
10 geisha
11 other *

The following statements are mostly true for me:

I love when my lover tells me I'm dear to them..
I love when my lover says, "I love you" to me.
I want to ask my beloved to tell me what s/he most loves about me.
I love to praise my sweetheart
I'm very verbal
I love acknowledging what I love about my lover. *

What's your romantic leadership style?
Being dominant
Being submissive
Being versatile
Being relaxed
Other *

Which of the following describes the lifestyle(s) you most want to adopt more of in the coming months, and possibly years? *

What's most important in your relationships now?

Write up to 1000 characters. Write this little essay to better understand yourself.
Where do you live? USA State? or Country? *

If you would prefer a phone call, please give Teresa your area code & phone number. *

Thank you for your interest in Teresa's ROMANTIC PARADIGMS. There are so many opportunity to meet like-minded people, get coaching, attend events, listen to podcasts, and get more support for a more fulfilling Love Life! We will contact you shortly.

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