Fetish Quiz for Romantics at Heart

This quiz will help you readily identify your fetishes and fantasies for a more fulfilling love life.

Keep this quiz for yourself or send it to us for an in-depth report on your psychological profile.

This profile will give you all the details about your fantasy world. Equipped with these delicious details, you will find delightful inspiration for your passionate adventures.

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Discover Your Fetishes
Exploring the types of romantic paradigms helps you better identify who might be best for long-term compatibility. But perhaps you already know yourself quite well.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being you don't know yourself at all and 10 means you doubt anyone could teach you anything new, please rate your self-awareness. *

What's your favorite kind of music when you are with your sweetheart? *

What's your favorite kind of environment?
Beach/Mountain/Formal Interior/Casual Interior/Other *

What is your favorite kind of food? Gourmet, home-cooked, outdoor grill, what's your preference most of the time? *

Latin American
Meat & Potatoes
Vegan or Vegetarian
Wearing certain clothes and/or having my lover wear certain clothing really excites me. *

Which ROLE PLAYING scenario would you most likely enjoy in the near future?

1 chivalrous knight
2 shiva and shakti
3 horse lovers
4 doctor/nurse
5 teacher/student
6 boss/secretary
7 military personnel
8 international spy
9 puppy play
10 geisha
11 other *

The following statements are mostly true for me:

I love when my lover tells me I'm dear to them..
I love when my lover says, "I love you" to me.
I want to ask my beloved to tell me what s/he most loves about me.
I love to praise my sweetheart
I'm very verbal
I love acknowledging what I love about my lover. *

What's your most recurring fantasy?
Being dominate
Being submissive
Being non sexual
Being romantic
Other *

Which of the following describes the lifestyle(s) you most want to adopt more of in the coming months, and possibly years? *

What's most important in your romantic fantasies?
Which fantasies do you have which you most hope your mate will enjoy with you?

Write up to 1000 characters. Write this little essay to better understand yourself.
USA State? *

USA Postal Code? *

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